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Legal stuff is supposed to be dry, I do not want to spice it up to sound funny…. So here goes and all the best staying awake [Thank god, I am not a lawyer].

Start of Disclaimer

In accessing the web-site where this disclaimer, or link to this disclaimer have posted (not necessarily immediately visible in the current page being viewed / pursued), the web browser (hereafter reader) consents that he /she is familiar with, understands and accepts the following weblog disclaimer.

The author(s) reserve the right to change the content posted in this blog, including this disclaimer, without prior notice, or much ado. The opinions posted here are those of the author(s) and may not necessarily be the opinions of individuals or organisations (particularly but not limited to employers) of past, present or future; actual or implied; real, imaginary or complex; association.

Though the author(s) do the best to present accurate and relevant data,the accuracy of data presented (or linked to) on this blog is not guaranteed, the data presented must not be considered as advice, facts or anything certain or absolute. The author(s) is (are) not responsible for any action or inaction, or the results there-of, that the reader may attribute to the data presented here in this blog. If the reader uses the data presented here-in it is at his / her own risk and it is his / her own responsibility to cross check the data. The author(s) does not profess to be an expert of any sort in any field (even if the web-site / blog at times claims to or seems to) and hence the blog posts are definitely not advice of any form to the reader. The author(s) recommends expert advice / consultation to using the data presented here-in or linked here-in.

As time progresses, the opinions and attitudes of the author(s) may change, please consider this factor when you read the content posted here.

The author(s) is (are) not responsible in anyway (including but not limited to – accuracy, relevance, effects on the reader etc.) to the content in the pages that have been linked from this site / blog. The author(s) do not exhort you to follow the links that have been posted (even if the web-site / blog at times does / seems to do so), the intention (in spirit) of the links is that it may be of use to the reader, but the author(s) is (are) not responsible for any issues, legal or otherwise that the reader has with respect to the links or the linked web-sites or content thereat. The logical reason for the same is that web is dynamic, the linked contents could change and the author(s) has (have) no way to control the linked sites.

Whenever the author(s) present open content that was obtained at some other site, it is usually acknowledged with a link (under the assumption that the data is public and hence linking is legal and to point to the source as far as the author(s) is concerned). The author(s) is (are) not responsible if the linked site violates any of the laws in any of the countries / regions. If you are offended in some way by my link state your issue as a comment to that particular post. The author(s) may or may not consider looking into the issue and may or may not take action seen fit (i.e this is not as a promise of action of any sort).

The content on the blog is the opinion of the author(s), not intended to malign any singular or collective entities dead, alive or inanimate including, but not necessarily limited to, religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, thing.

First person in all posts may not always refer to the author, for example stories; and opinions presented in all the posts is not necessarily my personal opinion (at any point of time), for example satire posts. Some of the posts may be based entirely on imagination any resemblance to any thing or being is just a chance co-incidence [games of probability]. And these ‘special cases’ need NOT be specifically high-lighted or indicated in any posts or the blog.

The author(s) welcomes feed-back in the form of comments; but reserves the right to delete comments, without prior notice. The author(s) is (are) neither responsible, for anything anyone says on this blog as comments, nor the laws which they may break in your country or theirs (or for that matter any country) through their comments’ content, implication, intent, or any other aspect of the comment. As far as the author(s) is (are) concerned comments are conversations, almost like small-talk, and NOT expert advice. The disclaimer that is valid for posts is also valid for comments of the author(s) on this site.

When using the content present on this blog or referring to the same, the author requests a link to the relevant matter on this blog be added (as acknowledgement).

The author(s), not being a linguist by training or inclination(and english being a second language), usually mis-understands words, mis-types spellings, uses in-appropriate words in in-appropriate situations, does punctuation errors, and commit many other errors in language. The author(s) is (are) not responsible for effects of linguistic errors, as the author(s) has (have) not intentionally erred or misguided the reader. It is an inadvertent error of ignorance, please be kind enough to point it out so that the errors may be corrected. Also the author(s) is (are) not responsible for anything (as in zero responsibility) if the reader is referring to translated form of the data posted.

The content of this blog should not be used in, or as a base for, legal proceedings of any form. The author reserves the right to decide on the need for and location for arbitration (not necessarily legal), in case it is necessary. This blog is for fun, do not take it so seriously.

End of Disclaimer.

Phew…. that’s about it :). Did I cover everything? :P

P.S: You may use this disclaimer if necessary but please acknowledge me with a link.


Written by deepak

January 3, 2009 at 9:13 am

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