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silence MP3 (ringtone / alarmtone)

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I have created 60 seconds of silence encoded as MP3 (pretty low sampling rate though, but hey…  its silence :P). Originally created for personal use (see problem statement below), in case you are searching for something similar here is the link.

Download link: [archive.org]. Applicable license CC0 (do whatever you want).

For those of you who love the story behind the act…

Problem statement: My nokia phone (5800 Express Music) seems to “sound” the alarm even in silent mode. I believe that this is general behavior for Nokia phones [citation needed], and may well be the required behavior in typical cases. I was looking for a MP3 recoding of silence to use as alarm-tone.

The killer-app for this feature request — catnap @ workplace.

Solution: Create one using audacity. There might be some other easier way to do this, say a phone setting that I am missing. If you know – do share. 60 is an arbitrary number could have reduced the duration ….

Not rocket science by any means (direct menu option in audacity), but now that I have it, might as well share — my contribution to world peace :).


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December 12, 2009 at 10:46 pm

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