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image converter tool — solution to eps / jpg latex woes

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pdflatex (as far as I know / am aware) does not support the inclusion of .eps figures. But it goes support formats like jpeg. latex does support eps figures. But the problem is latex only supports eps figures (not jpg etc.).

If, like me, you are planning to do a lot of jpg to eps (or any) image conversions, there is one tool that could make your life MUCH easier — sam2p.There are both linux and windows ports. I have have tried out only the linux port.

The ‘industry standard’ image conversion tool Imagemagick does pretty bad job at it (smudges up graphs / grayscale images and all). The image size that sam2p produces is considerably (orderS of magnitude)smaller than the image size produced by imagemagick and the clarity, detail etc. is orders of magnitude better (on default, no additional parameter run on * to eps conversions). Wicked!!!! — A tool that all (latex) users doing (eps) image conversion must have.

Installation is a breeze even if you are a linux noob (like me) please go ahead and try it out, even if this does not come as a pre-compiled package.

Installation in fedora / Red hat derivatives: There are just two minor differences from the installation instructions given in the site / downloaded package’s readme’s. The only difference from the steps mentioned at the site is that fedora equivalent of the Debian package libjpeg-progs is libjpeg so you have to do a

sudo yum install libjpeg

before following the rest of the instructions on the site and readme’s that come with the dowloaded packages(well there is another minor change in the installation script / commands — use the gcc versions that you have or delete the versions in the script if they are not yours). I installed this on a fedora10 x86_64 system. Works fine. The documentation is the readme itself, not much of it, but what I wanted was how to invoke — that was of course there.

Did I sound excited…. I am — I badly needed this for my M-Tech project reports. Thanks to google for pointing out this great tool.

P.S: I have just seen this and tried it out — this works, figures looks neat and gets included in the pdf made (That is all that you need right?). I have not used this extensively though, will update if there are some bugs / issues over prolonged use. Does not seem like it though…. Good night guys, got to sleep — had to post this hurriedly before I called it a day.


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January 11, 2009 at 11:40 pm

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